What People Are Saying:
"...This Challenge Changed my Life!"
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The 8 Week Challenge has changed my life forever.  I have my confidence back, and I am a better mom to my girls.  The Challenge has given me the tools and knowledge to last a lifetime.
Caitlin - Lost 80 pounds
"...I can't believe the difference!"
The picture on the left was from my sister’s wedding and the picture on the right is from today. I tried on my old wedding dress, just for fun, and wow. I am so grateful I found the 8 Week Challenge. I feel amazing and comfortable in my own skin again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Karen - Lost 48 pounds
"...It's A Life Changer! I'm So Thankful!"
This challenge has had a huge impact on my life. For the first time  I know how to cook healthy, and make healthy choices when eating out. I no longer feel bloated by the end of the day; I'm full of energy.
Rachel - Lost 30 pounds
"...Down 80 lbs and Counting!"
"The 8 week challenge has honestly changed my life! I have always struggled with my weight and was starting to feel like I had to accept being a "big guy" for the rest of my life. This all changed when I discovered the 8 week challenge."
Cody - Lost 80 pounds
"...I was able to get off my Medication!"
"It was a blessing to have this opportunity to change my life with this challenge. I was able to get off one of my medications and now waking up everyday is amazing knowing that I'm healthier, happier, and loving who I am. 
I have gained so much self confidence and I now walk with my head held high smiling and
enjoying life!"

Sarah - Lost 50 pounds
"...I can't believe how much better I feel!"
"As a mom of three young boys finding time to hit the gym every day is not realistic so having a food based, at home program is perfect for me. Thanks, so much Bonnie and Briar for starting this challenge and supporting us through every minute!”  
Wendy - Lost 25 pounds
How does the "8 Week Challenge" work?
  • ​ APP goes live with step-by-step guidance, taking you through one full "week of learning" teaching you the Challenge Friendly lifestyle with meal plans, grocery 101 how-to-video, guidelines video, recipes and personal support messenger.
  •   Day 1-56 you will receive daily posts from your Challenge Leader with more videos, inspiration, recipes and tips to support you through your entire 8 week journey.  
  •   Everyday you track your "Challenge Friendly" day in your        food stories.  As well you can track your weight, measurements and selfies in your Snapshot section.
  •   BONUS #1:  Access to 8 Week Challenge APP for ONE YEAR from the start of the Challenge.
  •   BONUS #2:  Digital version of 8 Week Challenge manual sent for instant download.
  •   BONUS #3:  Personal support messenger 24/7 for the entire 56 days where you can ask questions and gain help throughout your entire journey!
Success Stories Just Keep Coming...
Special Message from Bonnie & Briar
Over ten years ago we found ourselves sitting with our members, dripping of sweat after finishing a spin class. They had been working so hard...and we had just opened our fitness club about 6 months prior. Things had been going so great but something was missing. There was an elephant in the room no one was talking about. Until this day that is... A shy, quite woman who normally sat at the back of the class not saying anything was about to change the direction of our lives. She said "I'm trying so hard, working out 4 to 5 times a week and not seeing as much change as I had hoped for. What am I doing wrong?" A light bulb went off when Briar said, 

"it's your food, healthy lifestyle is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise". 

We spent the next year developing a FOOD-FOCUSED weight loss program using the power of real food, without all the pills, shakes and gimmicks that were flooding the weight loss industry. Since that day we have helped over 20,000 challengers from all over the world lose weight, come off medications, eliminate headaches, clear up their skin, correct digestive problems and most importantly give them "themselves back".

We want this for you. What if all this did was give you yourself back. What if all this did was get rid of extra weight you have been carrying for years. What if all this did was give you your confidence back and get rid of your negative self talk. What if all this did was get you off your medications and set you and your family on the right path to health.

We would love to have you on board!
love Bonnie & Briar
Founders, 8 Week Challenge
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